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 fault in our starsThe Fault in our Stars
by John Greene

A teenage girl diagnosed with terminal cancer, Hazel Grace, has only a few years left. Homeschooled and depressed, she is in for the surprise of her life when she meets new kid Augustus Waters, who joins her peppy Cancer Kid Support Group. For a girl who usually watches America’s Next Top Model marathon with her mom,  he is a welcome addition into her life, along with his video game buddy and best friend, Isaac. From cliché cancer kid wishes to Peter Van Houten’s My Imperial Affliction, this book has an amazing lesson for all…. The Fault in Our Stars is a New York Times bestselling novel, and it explores the tragic, amazing and wonderful adventure of being alive and in love.

before i fallBefore I Fall
by Lauren Oliver

If you had a chance to make things right, would you? February 12 should just be another normal day in Samantha Kingston’s perfect life, instead, it turns out to be her last. The girl who has it all, three best friends, the perfect boyfriend and the ultimate parking spot, will discover how her choices have affected others without a second thought. Seven times, she relives her last day over again. Will she finally get a chance to right her wrongs? Before I fall by Lauren Oliver is a fantastic novel about what it’s truly like to be a teenager.

by Kristin Cashore

Having left a kingdom at the age of ten, Bitterblue is now eighteen and ruling Monsea with her team of trusted advisors. When seeing what is behind the castle doors is too much of a temptation, Bitterblue decides to sneak out one night and discovers more than she bargained for. She befriends thieves Saf and Teddy to find out what really happened during her father’s rule…and how accurate her reports have been about what goes on beyond the castle walls. Sequel to Graceling, this book is truly one for fantasy fans not to miss.


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