Explore Bibliocommons

Discover and Recommend Great Books and More!

BiblioCommons is the new library catalogue that connects you to the Nelson Public Library’s collections (books, DVDs, and more) plus a community of reviews and recommendations from other library members.

This page will give you an overview of these new great features.

You can also watch a video introducing BiblioCommons, and read the help at help.bibliocommons.com.

Search, Explore to Find Items & Place Holds

Search for library items by title, author, or subject keywords using the search bar at the top of the BiblioCommons screen.

Find the best recommended books, DVDs and more. Click under the Explore tab to browse for award winners, bestsellers, new titles, and recently reviewed items.

Place holds for the items you want and be notified when they are ready for pickup. Going on Vacation? Learn how to suspend your holds and avoid a $5.00 fee for non-pickup.

Rate, Review, and Recommend

Share what you love! Find great library books, DVDs and more from other members’ recommendations in BiblioCommons.

Review or comment on titles in the catalogue, rate titles, and follow other library members whose recommendations you enjoy.

Themed Lists

Create and share themed lists with BiblioCommons. Save lists of your ‘Top 10 Reads 2012‘, or ‘Favourite British DVDs‘, or ‘Books My 10 Year Old Loved‘. Share your lists to help others find great books, or keep them private.

Lists in BiblioCommons are different than “My List” in the Classic Catalogue.

My Shelves in BiblioCommons

Track what you’ve read, watched or listened to (your Completed shelf), are currently reading, watching or listening to (your In Progress shelf), or want to borrow in the future (your For Later shelf). To keep your shelves private, click the three check boxes in “My Settings” > “Privacy”.

Save Your Borrowing History

BiblioCommons lets you keep track of your borrowing history with the optional Recently Returned feature. This is a new service available only through your BiblioCommons account. Nelson Library staff cannot access your “Recently Returned” list.

Enable BiblioCommons’ Recently Returned feature in “My Settings” > “Privacy”.

The Recently Returned feature will only track your borrowing history once you enable it. If you turn it off, all your borrowing history will be removed and no longer accessible. The information on your Recently Returned list is private and stored securely.