Art in the Main Lounge

March/April 2020

Ross Campbell (Nelson)

The majority of my creative pursuits involve notions of space and order as mediated by technology and other constructs, such as media and urban planning. I explore the built and the rebuilt through interdisciplinary approaches using various means of representation and materials. Many of my projects play with space and time by dislocating sites and materials or by mixing up language and symbols.

These investigations create situations and objects that can offer a moment to examine our relationships with the places we inhabit and the technologies we use.

Bitype is a project that looks at our publishing technology. By using materials of the past, the first wooden moveable type blocks, and a structure of the present, a basic digital font, there is a recognition of the grid as a construction that frames our published word. The process of creating the typeset blocks and letterpress prints was a considered slowing down our current digital media. What results is a compression of history, where a thousand odd years of publishing meet.


Ross Campbell is an artist who has studied and worked Nelson, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Montreal.  Having been busy for many years in the creative arts and education fields he has settled back in Nelson for a quieter life.  Ross has exhibited across North America in galleries, institutions, and public spaces.


Prints and flash cards are available for purchase, enquire at service desk.

Bitype Typeset Letterpress Print, Black $25   (b/w artist print)

Bitype Typeset Letterpress Print, CMYK $34 (colour artist print)

Bitype Flash cards, Letterpress Prints (set), Black $40

News story:

Bitype by artist Ross Campbell on display at the Nelson Public Library