Recommended Websites for Kids

  • Poisson Rouge - Games for children
  • Learn to type "Dance mat typing" - a touch typing program for children.
  • PBS Kids - full of stories, music, games and more. Visit Caillou, Arthur, Berenstain Bears, Clifford, Sesame Street and more...
  • Bob the Builder - Help Bob with different repairs and games around the house.
  • Harry Potter - Find out more about Harry Potter's books and take the quiz!
  • - Here, you can view online books, a list of Robert Munsch books, Robert Munsch's biography and much more...
  • Magic School Bus - Come here to find many show related items and take part in many of their activities.
  • I Spy - Here at I Spy, kids can play online games, make their own game, and find out new and upcoming books.
  • Walt Disney - Offers many things for kids, such as games, activities, stories, and lots of information on their characters and movies.
  • - For Kids - Provides links to most of its kids books, where you can learn about them.
  • Kids @ Random House - A great place for kids to visit Seussville, Seussville University, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Big Bird and the rest of the gang at Sesame Street.
  • KidsHealth - An excellent health resource for parents, kids and teens.
  • Families Change - A government of British Columbia website that helps you deal with divorce and separation.
  • National Geographic Kids Interactive science learning.
  • Funology We offer parents and teachers a wealth of resources to educate and entertain their little explorers.
  • McGruff - the Crime Dog McGruff the Crime Dog and pal, Scruff, bring ideas about kids staying safe through safety puzzles, games, and coloring pages.
  • Funbrain Kids Safe Certified.
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