Art Displays

Currently there are two distinct Art Displays in the Library:

1. Teen Scene – July / August / September 2017

Abigail Cole – Pencil drawings

Abigail Cole in the NPL Teen Scene

Hi, I’m Abigail!  I’ve been creating art for 16 years – in other words, all my life.  Since I was old enough to hold a pen, art has always been there for me as a way to relax and to express myself, and therefore it’s always been a huge part of my life.  My mom is also an artist, and growing up in the same house as her has given me an endless supply of encouragement and support, as well as lots of different supToybox - Wind Up Toy by Abigail Coleplies to try out!

With my art, I hope to convey a sense of wonder and an appreciation for the beauty that is around us by combining elements of the real world with figments of my imagination.  Looking at my art is kind of like looking at a snapshot taken in my mind.  My original concepts are inspired by the fictional universes found in books, movies, and songs, as well as by observing the people and places around me.

I have a great variety of ideas, and I like to portray them using a variety of different mediums.  Pencils of all sorts and digital media are my absolute favourites, though.

I usually prefer to work on a small scale, and have chosen to offer prints for sale rather than originals in order to make some locally-made art available to art lovers who may not be in a position to collect large original works.

When I’m not spending my free time drawing (which is quite rare), I’m usually at a dance class, playing the ukulele or piano, spending time with my dog, or taking photos of the beautiful things I find in the world around me.

If you’d like to see more of my art, visit my Instagram profile, where you can find more than 300 art-related posts from the past several years.  My username is @itsabigailj.

If you’d like to contact me to ask a question or discuss a commissioned portrait, feel free to email me at  I’ll look forward to talking with you, and reply ASAP!


2. Nelson Public Library – September / October 2017

Fred Rosenberg – Black and white photographs: the KCR collection

KCR Terry Brennan Zoe Creighton Fred Rosenberg photoNelson photographer Fred Rosenberg took thousands of photos of the station during Kootenay Co-op Radio’s first ten years of broadcasting; 16,000 photos in all. Pictures of local people hosting and being interviewed on radio shows, performing radio plays and live music, attending radio camps and meetings, working on building renovations, and even playing Annual General Meeting radio bingo. KCR is displaying a  small selection  at the Nelson Library during September and October.

Fred Rosenberg received his Bachelor of Arts in photojournalism from San Jose State University in 1969, and began exhibiting his photographs in 1971.He was a street photographer for two decades in California and Vancouver and has photographed in a variety of contexts in Nelson since 1982, including as a studio/portrait photographer. Fred was a dedicated Kootenay Co-op Radio volunteer and board member for many years.

Kootenay Co-op Radio (KCR) is a volunteer-led co-operative community radio station that works to entertain and inform listeners and to reflect the varied perspectives of our communities in the West Kootenay Region.