Borrowing Limits, Loan Periods & Fines


  • Individual Card:   20 items
  • Family Card:   60 items
  • Institutional Card:   60 items
  • Temporary Card:   5 items
  • Non-Resident Individual Card:   5 items


  • Magazines:   1 week
  • Books, audiobooks, movies, music CDs, Playaways:   3 weeks
  • Ereaders:   6 weeks
  • Tablets, Victor Readers:   3 weeks

What are the limits?

  • 2 renewals on an item unless there is a reserve on it
  • 1 renewal on ereaders
  • No renewals on tablets or Victor readers
  • 10 hold requests per card
  • Overdue fines for adult items are $0.30/day (maximum $5.00/item).
  • Overdue fines for all DVDs are $0.50/day (maximum of $10.00/item).
  • Overdue fines for children’s and teen items (NOT DVDs) are $0.15/day (maximum of $3.00/item).
  • Overdue fines for ereaders & other equipment are $1.00/day (maximum of $10.00/item).
  • Library members are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged items, plus a $5.00 processing fee.
  • Items that are more than 6 weeks overdue will result in a suspended library card until the items are returned or paid for.
  • Library cards with $10 or more in fines will be suspended until fines are paid.