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Library User Code of Conduct

NPL Policy Manual 2021

These rules of conduct have been established to ensure a positive experience for everyone using the Nelson Public Library. The Library encourages universal access to its resources and services. In order to provide a safe and welcoming environment, every individual on Library premises is expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the following rules of conduct.

General Guidelines

Library users will:

• act with consideration and respect toward other members of the public, staff and volunteers
• be careful and considerate of Library property
• act lawfully and responsibly
• dress appropriately, including wearing shoes and shirts
• attend to personal belongings and do not leave belongings or garbage when leaving the Library
• use furniture and equipment properly and only for the usual, intended purposes
• use washrooms only for their intended purpose
• leave the Library promptly at closing or when instructed in an emergency.


Parents, guardians and caregivers are expected to adequately supervise and care for their dependants while on Library property and not allow them to create disturbances.


To ensure the safety of all, library users will:
• follow staff instructions in case of fire or other emergency
• not smoke or vape anywhere in the Library building or within 7 metres of the Library entrance as per the City of Nelson’s Clean Air and Smoking Regulation Bylaw.
• do not use any type of sports equipment on Library property (racks are provided outside the main entrance for parking bicycles, skateboards, etc.)
• be awake, for security and safety reasons sleeping is not permitted in the Library.

Examples of Behaviour Not Permitted
• threatening, abusive or obscene language
• solicitation or proselytizing
• actions that disturb others’ use and enjoyment of the Library
• damaging Library property
• being under the influence of, selling, using or possessing alcohol or illegal substances
• possessing weapons or implements that could be used as weapons
• vandalism or graffiti
• offensive body or clothing odour
• using cellphones, or other devices in a manner that is disruptive to others
• entering non-public areas
• photographing or filming on Library property without written permission
• consumption of food or open beverages
• bringing animals into the Library, with the exception of service animals or animals present for special programs
• posting notices, flyers or brochures except in authorized locations and with prior permission.

Violation of any of the Rules of Conduct may result in exclusion from the library, withdrawal of privileges, charges for damage and/or criminal prosecution.