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Donation of Materials

We welcome your donations of near-perfect books, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. The library will use the donations for either their collections or for the Friends of the Library booksales. We can only accept donations during opening hours: please bring to Front Desk for quality check.

What we can accept:

  • Popular titles published in the last five years
  • High interest content (eg. classics), determined by staff
  • Must be in excellent condition
  • Your puzzles if you guarantee all pieces are included!
  • A few at a time, not a whole box! We just don’t have the space.

What we cannot accept:

  • magazines
  • items in less-than-perfect physical condition
  • textbooks or encyclopedias or anything with dated information
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books

Other suggestions for your gently-used books

Check first to see if they are currently accepting donations. Good quality items are always the main criteria for resale, do not leave donations at their door!

Remember that books cannot be recycled!

Read this post from local blog Slimmer Waste:

… if you remove the cover and spine from the pages inside of each book, only then you can place them with other papers in your recycling. Unfortunately, the cover and the spine have to go in the garbage. Books are, in fact, one of the top five contaminants of recycling programs in BC.