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Podcast Club:  Dreams

Tuesday March 21 2023 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Podcast Club: Dreams. Image: a white set of headphones on a purple backgournd and gemstone / floral border

Tuesday, March 21 at 6:30 pm at the Nelson Library.


Contact Heather Goldik at or 250-352-6333 to register.

What is a podcast club?

It’s like a book club, but for podcasts!

Listen to the episodes below and then join us on March 21st to discuss what we learned. A great way to learn something new in an accessible way and connect with others!


We’re exploring the history, science and mystery of dreaming in March’s Podcast Club.


Why do we dream?
(24 minutes)


Dreams are weird, but can they be a scientific tool? Can they teach us anything about humanity? About ourselves?



The way we dream (51 minutes)


Our dreams can haunt us: literally. Recurring dreams about failing tests or running late are a common occurrence, but what are we to make of them? And are there hidden meanings in our dreams? Sidarta Ribeiro takes us on a journey through the history of our understanding of dreams.


Sapiens Podcast:
Do you dream what I dream?
(23 minutes)


An anthropologist investigates what unites and distinguishes the human universal of dreaming. Lohmann explores the role dreams play in our waking life and how different cultures make sense of dream worlds. Do all humans dream the same? Or do the cultures we are immersed in shape our dreams? Lohmann has six cultural dream theories that offer some answers to what dreams are and what they mean.


Clear and Vivid with Alan Alda:
Robert Stickgold-Why do we dream  (
43 minutes)


We not only need to sleep, we need to dream, too. Robert Stickgold explains why we must go to the movies every night when we sleep – it’s to make sense of our waking world. And it’s all in his book, “When Brains Dream.”


Savvy Psychologist:

How to have lucid dreams (10 minutes)


Lucid dreamers have been fighting goblins, flying, and conjuring entire galaxies in their dreams for centuries, all while feeling awake and engaged in the action. Now, scientific research tells us that lucid dreaming isn’t just the stuff of sci-fi—it’s a learnable skill. Would you like to give it a try?


Tuesday March 21 2023
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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Nelson Public Library
602 Stanley St.
Nelson, BC V1L 1N4
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