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Chromebook Overview

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Chromebooks are a new type of computer that works on a different operating system (Chrome OS) than other traditional computers (like Windows or Macs). Essentially, they offer a web-browser experience. You can either use it just for browsing, or, sign in to your Google account to access web-based services such as Docs and Drive to create and share files online. Everything is saved in the cloud.

NPL’s Chromebooks

Our Chromebooks are set to a Managed Guest session, which means that the Chromebook functionality is limited to web browsing. Please login to your Google account to access the web apps you would like to use.

Google Chrome environment and web apps

Chromebooks run web apps instead of software programs, and the naming of different work environments is different than in Microsoft Office or Macs.

Task Chromebook app Works like…
Create a document Docs Word, Pages
Create a spreadsheet Sheets Excel, Numbers
Create a presentation Slides Powerpoint, Keynote
Take a note Google Keep  Notepad, Notes
Edit a photo Open image from Files app or use Goole Drawings GIMP
Make calls and video chat Hangouts Skype, Facetime
Write an email Gmail or Inbox Outlook, Mac Mail
Find and save files Files or Google Drive My Computer, Finder

Saving your files

You can either save directly to your Google cloud account, or to an external USB drive, or even to the Files area of the computer–access this by clicking on the Files icon on the Chromebook Shelf (like the “taskbar” at the bottom of the screen); or, you can click on the Launcher (circle at bottom left) to find the icon.

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